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In the community for the community!

Baking has been my passion since I was a little one growing up in upstate NY. I began baking at a very young age. When I showed an interest in making this my career, my mom told me 'you can!' That began my journey.


While attending High School I started a home baking business called Family Favorites. As soon as I could, I headed of to The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY for an A.O.S. in baking and pastry. Then off I went to Boston and to work around town. In 2006 I opened a corner bakery, Canto 6 in Jamaica Plain, MA.  After selling Canto 6 to an employee I moved to Berkeley, CA. This move allowed me to be closer to family. Since I moved to CA I have been a worker/owner at a Berkeley Pizza Collective.


Now I am ready to bake sweet stuff again!  Working to gain a following you will find my baked goods at local farmers markets. My dream is to open a little shop of my own. 

My business is set up as a social purpose corporation... I have a heartfelt connection to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  A percentage of my gross sales are donated to mental health awareness. This year I am donating to The Zane Foundation and Project Grad.  We need to get rid of the stigma of people struggling with depression and suicidal tendencies! 

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